6 ways Your Pilates online workouts deliver more benefit

6 ways Your Pilates online workouts deliver more benefit

Over more than two decades of Pilates Training at our New Zealand Pilates Studio, our Master Trainer, Susie Cleland, has developed and refined a progressive style of Pilates-based exercise that delivers more benefit, and faster results that you can see in your body, and feel in the way you move.

Your Pilates workouts deliver a style of exercise that gives you all the goodness of Pilates, Functional Fitness, High Intensity Interval Training and Cardio Boost.


1. More than traditional Pilates

Our Pilates Style workouts take the structure of traditional Pilates theory and add in short, intensive exercises and functional fitness strategies that create more dramatic physical change. That's why a 10 minute Boost workout may be all you need to do today to get all the goodness of a standard 1 hour gym workout.


2. Get a cardio boost & feel the 'burn'

Our Pilates workouts are still zero-low impact, but the high intensity gives your body a cardio challenge that sends your blood pumping and keeps your heart strong. Don't underestimate the effort required to correctly follow a workout from our Power Up and Recharge Challenge Pack!


3. Expert, highly trained Pilates Instructors

Get the benefit of workouts led by expert Pilates Instructors who receive regular training and have extensive experience leading both online Pilates workouts and studio classes. You can expect our Pilates Trainers to explain exactly how to do each exercise, where you should feel it working, and what the benefit of the exercise is.


4. Great posture means faster effects

Our Pilates Trainers guide you through each workout, explaining exactly how your posture should be for each exercise. Be conscious of following their instruction carefully, as this ensures you will not feel pain from doing the exercise incorrectly, but also gives you the best results.

You can also watch our Postural Principals video as a refresher any time - it is first in the Your Pilates online workout library.


5. Breathing delivers cardio and oxygenation

In our Postural Principals video the third topic is breathing. We place a huge importance on correct breathing during our Pilates workouts. Using your breath actively creates extra core strength benefits, oxygenates your blood, and helps with detoxification. It also keeps you 'mentally present' in your workout - see #6 for why that matters!


6. Mindful exercise is better for you

Our Pilates workouts are designed to make sure you are fully 'in your body' wherever you are when you workout, and feeling the full impact of each exercise not only in your muscles, but in your mind. Concentrating on each Pilates exercise and correct breathing requires you to be fully present in the moment. This leaves no time for a 'busy mind' to worry and plan - your mind will be still, and present - leaving you feeling calm and energised after each workout.


Enjoy an online workout now - and know you're doing your body (and mind) a huge favour!