Reviews of our online Pilates workouts

"Just wanted to say I’ve been LOVING the online workouts. Thank you for all the love your team puts into your work and making this time a bit easier!"

- Anna

"All of the instructors are just so slick and comfortably happy behind the camera, which means that it has quickly become second nature at this end for me. Without all of your effort, I know I’d have been in quite poor shape emotionally. These classes are working super well for me and thank you to all the team behind the scenes and in front of the camera. I hope you are all well and sending virtual hugs to you all."

- Robyn

"I absolutely recommend these online Pilates classes. It's like having a personal instructor available 24/7. The instruction for all exercises are so well verbalised you really don't need the video at all. You can do Pilates any day or time according to your schedule."

- Sheila

"My daughter has been in our lockdown bubble and she started doing online Pilates workouts with me at 7.30 each morning. It’s been great being able to do a morning class before work! The first week of lockdown I was struggling to find any balance between work and home, but I definitely felt better the following week when I started doing Pilates. I really did want to say thank you and let you know what an awesome job you do."

- Debbie

"I have fond memories of studio classes when I was in NZ. I found Susie’s breathing method far more effective than any other Pilates I have tried since, so I was really pleased when I found I could do the workouts online from here in London!"

- Nicola

"Just want to say a big thanks from Sydney for the online Pilates workouts, which have kept us going for the last 18 months! Now in Lockdown 6, I really appreciate that my Pilates doesn’t miss a beat as I make sure I do the workouts 3 times a week. Just wanted to say a big thanks and keep them coming please, as we appreciate them so much!"

- Sue & Geoff

"You are STARS. Having just signed up, I was pretty bummed out when lockdown began...but then I caught onto this Pilates at home workout!

Next best thing to being in the studio with your incredible team. NOTHING compares to Suna Pilates. The guidance and tips, the different levels one can work at, make this the best start to a lockdown day. Stress relief and helps me to think clearly and feel stronger in a trying time. Thank you Suna team."

- Nat

"Thank you so much for everything you do for us. These classes are saving my life at the moment, and my daughter's in London too.  xxxx"

- Carolyn

"Thank you so much for your online Pilates! It is just awesome... it’s saved me. The girls are so clear and great instructions... So a huge thank you from down here in Rangiora! Much love."

- Andrea

"Amazing! My whole day has been 100% better!! Got my new routine sorted. Thanks so much xx"

- Debbie

""I have been watching the Suna workouts online and it has given me the chance to continue to move and stay fit. With the detailed explanations it's easy to follow."

- Hyeji

People love Your Pilates online workouts because

  • We teach exercise in the correct posture
  • We teach correct breathing technique
  • We educate you on the results and benefits of each exercise
  • We tell you where to 'feel' each exercise for maximum results
  • We give you different variations for exercises
  • We motivate, we challenge, and it's fun!!