10 Minutes of Pilates a day can change your life

10 Minutes of Pilates a day can change your life

We specifically created a range of Your Pilates workouts from 10 - 45 minutes long, so you can get in a great workout, no matter how much time you have available in your day.

It's so easy to feel overwhelmed by the 'busy-ness' of life. We lose focus on our fitness goals and don't prioritise our self care. We want to look good and feel fit but we just keep running out of time to make it to a workout.

Getting a daily dose of exercise can take great planning and a big commitment if you have to drive an hour there and back, wait for your class to start, workout for an hour, have a quick chat with friends afterwards and rush off to get to the next thing on your to do list - you might have to set aside time days ahead to work the two hours plus into your week!

Compare that to stepping into your lounge, opening Your Pilates on your tablet and doing a 10 minute workout, before jumping in the shower to start your day!


10 minutes of Pilates daily can be super effective

It's true! In fact, our 10 minute Pilates workouts will do your body more good than a lot of gym classes can in a full hour. Our clients see physical changes as muscles lengthen, tone and strengthen; and feel they have more energy to face their day. 

Debbie said: "Amazing! My whole day has been 100% better!! Got my new routine sorted. Thanks so much."See more reviews here.

Creating a regular routine where you start your day with an energising online Pilates workout - wherever you are - is key.

Exercising effectively and often is what counts; not 'putting in the hard yards', 'thrashing it' or committing to a 'daily grind'! We don't want tie you to punishing routines - we want to nourish and nurture your body to build your strength and wellbeing.


Pilates Posture is key to exercise effectiveness

Exercising in the right posture means that our online Pilates workouts are seriously effective.

Our Pilates Trainers will guide you through the correct posture for each exercise, ensuring that the right muscles are working in the right way at the right time to get fast results. Our instructors will explain exactly where you should 'feel' each exercise, and why that’s important. 

Doing one exercise correctly delivers more results than doing more exercises or exercising longer when you aren't using the right posture. 

When you're not just 'going through the motions' you won't waste time, waste energy, and risk injury... and you will get results you can see and feel!

More exercises and a longer workout doesn't necessarily mean more results … less really is more when you're doing your Pilates right!

Check out our range of 10 minute online Pilates workout Pilates Challenges  - you can rent the online workouts individually, or sign up for a Free Trial Week of our $5/week plan.


Target your goals, faster with Boost workouts

If you're loving our longer Your Pilates online workouts, but want to super-charge the effect for specific areas of your body, choose a short Boost workout to add onto your daily Pilates session.

Our range of 10 minute Boost Pilates workouts include very focused options like the Waist Tone & Sculpt or Abs & Arms Boost for specific and targeted results. Pick a Boost workout now - you can rent any Boost Workout for $5 and try it without signing up, or if you are on our $5 plan they are included in your access.


Your Pilates workouts will make you happy!

Scientists reviewed 23 happiness studies published since 1980 and found that every single study showed people were happier after exercising for 10 minutes or more a day.

Get those endorphins flowing with a 10 minute Pilates workout now, and love your life!


Short workouts that get results are the ultimate 'fitness restart'

If you're new to online workouts, or haven't done Pilates before, short workouts provide an easy way to integrate the habit of exercise into your lifestyle.

If you've been feeling stressed and overwhelmed, adding time for exercise classes into your week may feel like too much to deal with, and be more stressful than beneficial.

Workout at home, with 10 minute workouts 1-2 days each week and add more workouts as your life starts to feel more manageable. You'll start feeling the benefits quickly, and you'll find that your energy levels rise as you get more exercise. Starting with small steps lets you build up to big results - without overwhelm. 


Check our pricing now - access starts at $5 for a no-strings weekly plan, or to rent a Boost workout!