5 Weeks to a Fitness Lifestyle & an even more fabulous you

5 Weeks to a Fitness Lifestyle & an even more fabulous you

Ohhhhh what a year. What a couple of years, right?

So many things have changed, and you might find that your exercise habits have changed a lot too. Regular fitness classes or workouts with friends may have stopped... and just never begun again. Lots of people are unfit, have put on some unwanted weight, and have lost their fitness inspiration!

Getting started is the hardest part of getting fit

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step" has never been more true than when we look at the journey to a fit, healthy, strong body. It's easy to set goals to be fitter, slimmer, more toned and healthy... but the best vision for yourself is meaningless without action.

That's why we created Tone & Revive

Get active, with 10 minutes a day

The Tone & Revive 5 week online Pilates Challenge will help you kick-start a refreshed lifestyle that includes regular fitness fun, as well as starting you on the path to a enjoying body you love to live in.

All the online workouts are around 10 minutes long. Easy to fit into a busy day, and easy to begin your Pilates journey with. Start with three workouts a week and add more in each week; or give yourself a challenge to do one workout every day, and begin doing two a day if you want to accelerate your results.

... and see results in 5 weeks!

It's true! Doing 10 minutes a day of Pilates exercise can deliver visible fitness results, as well as ones you feel. You'll become fitter, stronger and find the workouts easier as you go through your challenge.

You'll benefit from the breathing technique we teach, which delivers more oxygen to your body and helps you feel energised as well as detoxing your body. Not only will your breathing be improving muscle tone, but because each movement involves a concious inhale and exhale your body will be revived and energised through improved functional breathing. 

Your posture is likely to change even outside your Pilates workouts as your body will adapt to use better posture on a daily basis through learning our Postural Principals. And, your focus on correct posture and breath while you do each exercise creates truly mindful exercise that quiets and calms a busy mind.

Get inspired and start moving with Tone & Revive - at home!

Rent this online Pilates 5 Week Challenge to tone and invigorate your body and energise your mind. Led by Pilates Master Trainer, Susie Cleland, each 10 minute workout is designed to deliver a whole body workout - and to make it easy to create a regular fitness routine that fits your lifestyle.

Confidently build your fitness, and see faster results when you follow your Instructor's guidance and workout in the right posture. This ensures that the right muscles work in the right way to lengthen and tone muscles. 

Each workout is designed to help you feel good. Tone & Revive is the perfect course to get you back into exercise, raise your energy levels, and begin building muscle tone and strength.

Once you’ve done this challenge, the Power Up Challenge is the perfect next step on your path to smashing all those fitness goals. Or just join our $5/week plan as all challenges are included for Your Pilates members... you'll get a free week's access to try all the workouts you want!