Your Pilates - Knee Pain Rehab & Support

An 8 week Pilates based programme with 3 workouts and a posture video to help support your knees.

Workouts that focus on resolving ongoing knee pain through improved posture and better strength and flexibility. Also great for strengthening specific areas post surgery (in line with doctor's advice of course) or if you have long term weakness/discomfort and want to build strength to support your body's wellness.

Get 8 Weeks Access, service provider fee applies.

Get a Free Trial Week when you subscribe to Your Pilates NZD$5 / week full access plan.

Your Pilates Postural Guide

Exercising in the right posture is the key to making exercise effective and getting the results you want, sooner!

The postural principals that are core to Your Pilates workouts ensure you get an amazing cardio workout, as well as making your abs work harder.